Recover an Unsaved Word Document on Mac

autorecoverwordSimilar to Windows, Mac is also included with Word processor by default. Using Word processor one can easily create documents, pages for personal and professional uses. Sometimes users are in such haste that they really do not care to save the word document while creating them. Suppose if you haven’t saved Word document on Mac and unfortunately, your system crashed what would happen? Although Word on Mac is enabled with AutoRecovery option. You need not install it separately as it comes pre installed along with Word on OS X. It automatically saves a copy of word document every 10 minutes. It provides a good option to recover unsaved Word document on Mac.


Whenever your Mac system crashes, or when the document freezes while working, one can easily recover the document after restarting the Word. However, it does not prove to be effective in each and every case. There it is always better to save the Word document as soon as it is created if you want to avoid data loss.

AutoRecover is Not an AutoSave Function: Things to Keep in Mind

  • Many times when the word crashes and when restarted, you find the document is corrupted and cannot be accessed since the file was not saved and it was unnamed at the time it crashed last time.
  • AutoRecover option works best when the documents are saved on the disk with a proper file name.
  • Whenever you quit Word and there are unsaved changes, it will prompt to save them before you close Word. Once you quit it, the last modified changes are not saved.

Unsaved files are almost hard to be recovered when AutoRecover option fails. However you should check trash and search it on “Recovered items” folder.

In the Finder, select Go>Go to folder, Private/var/folder is to be typed to search for “word work file” in “Temporary items” folder. The file is to be dragged and dropped on Word icon on the desktop. In case if it can be accessed, save the file instantly. If AutoRecover Option fails, you can avail File Recovery Software for Mac which is capable to recover unsaved word document on Mac easily.

User Guide: How to Recover Unsaved Word Document on Mac OS X

Step:1 Download and Install Mac File Recovery Software on your Computer.

Step:2 Click on the scan button to scan the Mac drives

Step:3 Select on the deleted file recovery option to restore unsaved document

Step:4 The drive is to be selected fro recovering unsaved document

Step:5 Preview of the unsaved document will be displayed. Save the document on desired destination.

So what are waiting for Download the software and rescue unsaved Word document in its original format.


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